Nano 4, the expert in nano materials

Nano4 provide you a dust-free product which help you to have a safe access to nanotechnology.

The products are easy to handle.

We also provide tailor-made masterbatches, on this purpose it is possible to discuss all the steps of the process and quality analysis required.

Possibility of co-development and up-scaling of your solution.

Great Flexibility in the treatment of your demand.

Nano4 is a start-up founded in October 2011 having the goal to turn breakthrough nano-technologies of the University of Mons (Belgium) and the research institute Materia-Nova (Belgium) into products for the commercial marketplace. Nano4 is active in the field of commercialization of nanoparticles and that of related composites. These products are used in a very large range of applications:

  • Energy: batteries and catalysts
  • Healthcare: antimicrobial, coatings for implants, markers
  • Engineering: scratch-resistant coatings, self-cleaning glass, mechanical reinforced composites, EMI shielding, antistatic materials, flame retardants
  • Textiles: UV protection, antibacterial, biocides and antifungals, moisture absorbing
  • Environmental:antipollution paints, water treatment, photo-catalysts
  • Electronics: ferro-fluids, switches, conductive coatings, cantilevers and micro-bridges.


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