Compounding and Dispersion on demand

Nano4 develops and commercialize masterbatches containing nano-powders and additives especially designed for the plastic converting industry.
These masterbatches include industry-standard and application focused products as well as masterbatches tailored for individual customer needs.

Nano4 operates double screw plastic extrusion, fabrication, production at flow rate up to few hundred kg per hour.
Nano4 offers processing of your product:
- compounding
- reactive extrusion
- functionalization
- grafting
- physical modification of your polymer material.
Feeding of granulate, powder and liquid additives is available.

Compound with up to 6 differents additives or premix are possible on request.

Under water granulator is also at your service.

Nano4 can also manage heat treatment and drying of raw materials.

Nano4 has all devices necessary to characterize polymers and polymer compounds morphology, molecular mass, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.

Small experimental batches up few kg can be also synthesized.